With Kim’s help, I am able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do. Elegance and the patience of a saint - that’s Kim Kuznitz, a true New York Pilates innovator!”
— Roy McPherson (client since 2007)

"Kim's class is fantastic! Her practice of adding new exercises keeps it challenging and interesting. As a student who has physical challenges, Kim worked with me to ensure that the Pilates exercises were appropriate and strength-building. Her knowledge, skill and enthusiasm make her a dynamic instructor."  - Mary Pulido (client since 2014)

"I have been doing Pilates with Kim Kuznitz for around 8 years. Kim really understands the body and her clients. She will work patiently with you to get you in Pilates shape. With Kim's help, I am able to do things I never thought I'd be able to do. Elegance and the patience of a saint - that's Kim Kuznitz, a true New York Pilates innovator!"  - Roy McPherson (client since 2007)

"Kim has transformed both my mind and body. She makes you work hard to get the results you desire."  - Gavin Berger (client since 2011)

"I’ve been seeing Kim for almost two years now and she is my first choice to see when I have pains in my body: lower back, knee or neck - you name it. Usually after a session or so, my problems are gone. She also helps me to understand my body while strengthening it. My favorite part of her session is when she gives me “fun” exercises to work on certain areas, where I can instantly feel the burn. She is attentive to her clients and takes her work seriously. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to begin or continue their Pilates workout."  - Soo Kim (client since 2013)

"It was part of my New Year's resolution 2015 to get into better shape. I did not want to simply increase my time at the gym with my trainer. I wanted more. I wanted something that I would find totally engaging for both my mind and body. I am a novice surfer and was hoping to find something that would help me with my surfing passion and strengthen my core. I had heard from a friend in the neighborhood that Bent Pilates Studio offered Surfilates, so I made my first appointment in early January. From the moment I met Kim Kuznitz she inspired me and I was hooked. At some point in my first session, Kim told the class that it was time to stretch and then we were finished. Drenched in sweat, I looked up at the clock and almost one hour had gone by! I had been in the moment for the entire hour and did not even know how much time had passed! The constant challenge of Surfilates produced a kind of bliss that I knew would be pleasantly addicting. I returned for a few more classes then popped off to Honolulu for some writing time and surfing. After the 4.5 hrs of surfing with my teacher and some friends the first morning I was in Hawai’i, my teacher Ron asked me what I had been doing to stay in such good shape. He noted how much stronger I was and how much more energy I had than previous surfing times. I told him I started practicing Surfilates. He told me not to stop and to tell my Surfilates teacher what a great job she was doing! Bent Pilates Studio is now virtual and I continue to study with Kim through one-on-one sessions that leave me as exhilarated as ever, continuing to change my life. My physical body continues to strengthen and tone with my mind more focused and full of energy. Thanks, Kim, for all that you have done to help change my life for the better!"  - Harold Connolly, Jr. (client since January 2015)