An innovative new Pilates and balance-based surf workout.
Surfilates is an innovative new Pilates and balance-based surf workout that is done on a specially designed surfboard. Balance discs and weighted balls mimic the stability challenges that you find on a regular surfboard. The technique was designed to enhance surfing performance through Pilates principles, though it’s for anyone that wants to get a great core workout and improve their balance and posture.

"Delightful and challenging" is how FitEngine reviewer Djuna Passman describes Kim Kuznitz's Surfilates class:

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in what was one of the most challenging, beneficial, and fun Pilates-based classes I have taken. [Kim Kuznitz] brings expertise as a Pilates instructor and surfer to this class, making it both delightful and challenging."

Here's an overview of Surfilates by Kim 

Want to see more Surfilates videos? Check out this playlist with paddling, balancing and pop-up exercises!


What's the story behind Surfilates?

Kim Kuznitz, master Pilates instructor and former owner of Bent Pilates Studio, combined two of her passions to create Surfilates: Pilates and Surfing.

Kim started surfing at 40 years of age and fell in love with it. One, because of the freedom and beauty the ocean gave her, but the other thing it gave her was awareness and heightened instincts. You had to be ready to go at a moment's notice. "You can't change mother nature, you have to change for her." The other part was bringing back childhood memories of the beach and body surfing. Who wouldn't want to be in the warm weather, sun and water everyday!

The bigger waves were stirring up fear in Kim's body because timing, balance and paddling were not up to par. After various experiments with rigging up the Reformers and doing pop-ups on the foam rollers as well as exploring other types of equipment, Kim discovered that the balance discs, combined with a surfboard placed on top, worked the best. Surfilates was born! The Surfboard was designed by the head shaper at Channel Islands Surfboards. We have boards in different sizes for different heights and body types.

Who is Surfilates for?

Everyone. Surfilates has been crafted to accommodate a variety of populations. If you can answer any of the following questions, Surfilates is for you:

  • I (am/ would like to be/have thought of/ for a fleeting moment, once as a child, briefly considered becoming) a surfer and would like to enhance my surfing performance.

  • I live in the urban jungle and would like to get in shape for my next trip out in that crazy place they call "outdoors."

  • I am a desk jockey and would enjoy riding something else besides my chair.

  • My posture is more a "missing link" than "Homo erectus".

  • I want a surfer's body and determined to get it one way or another.

  • I would prefer to "surf" in an environment where only the man eaters around are the cougars on the boards next to me.

And if you're already a surfer, here's how Surfilates can make you stronger:

  • Do you get tired easily from paddling?

  • Do you have a hard time getting up and balancing?

  • Do you want a strong core and better endurance?

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