Kim Kuznitz: master Pilates instructor, surfer and creator of the Surfilates™ technique.


Kim Kuznitz, PMA® CPT, is a master Pilates instructor, surfer and creator of the Surfilates™ technique. She was the founder and owner of BENT Pilates Studio, a Pilates studio in NYC, from 2003-2015. Her passion for both Pilates and surfing sparked her latest creation Surfilates™, a Pilates and balance-based surf workout. Kim has been in the Pilates field for over 20 years, diligently exploring her craft. The Surfilates technique integrates Pilates exercises that relate to surfing combined with actual surfing exercises done on a specially designed surfboard. It is a balance between Pilates and explosive movements: a perfect workout for anyone. To further develop the Surfilates technique and to highlight its benefits to the surf community she opened a small studio in Rockaway Beach with Elisa Bluming.

After a martial arts injury and years of being a dancer, Kim realized the benefits of the Pilates technique and embarked on her journey to become a Pilates instructor in the 1980’s, enrolling in Kelly Kane’s School of Core Integration while recovering from her injury. She became fascinated with the kinetics of the human body and post-rehabilitation methodology, subsequently working under a physical therapist using Pilates exercises to help injured Merce Cunningham dancers.

Kim now integrates different movement forms and techniques, such as Muscle Activation Technique and Feldenkrais, so classes stay fresh and tailored to individual needs. She also works extensively with special populations, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clients as well as those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Parkinson’s Disease. At the International MS Management Practice Center, Kim works with patients with varying degrees of MS under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Kanter, Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services.

Kim can work with anyone from the skilled athlete to the disabled, and her extensive experience provides clients with comprehensive training in a regimented but fun and creative atmosphere.






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